Athletic Forms, Policies & Missions

BRHS Sports Participation
In order to play sports at Braden River all athletes MUST have all these 6 forms and payments turned into the coach prior to attending tryouts or practice. Please list student/athlete’s name on any payment.

Click below to print out forms needed to participate in athletics at Braden River High School:

    BRHS Athleticpaperwork2017-18

2017/2018 Athletics Forms

All forms are available at the BRHS Front Office.
You may drop your forms off at the Front Office along with your insurance payment
(be sure to list your student’s name on all payments)

Additional Information:

NCAA Eligibility Process and Intent FormNCAA Center Division I & II Initial Eligibility Requirement Reference Guide

Athletic Polices

Please take a few minutes to read over the Athletic Policies. Athletic Policies can also be found in the Student Handbook which is handed out to all students at the beginning of each year.

A. General Guidelines

1. A student on a team should be in attendance at every scheduled practice unless an emergency prevents this. The coach should be made aware of the reason for an absence so he/she will not be depending on that athlete that day.

2. A student should be in attendance a minimum of four of seven periods (two of four on block days), unless documented (doctor’s note, field trip, subpoena, etc.), to practice or participate in a contest on that day unless approved by the athletic director or principal.

3. All athletes should present a neat appearance at all school and athletic functions, in accordance with Manatee County Schools dress code.

4. All athletes will ride to and from road games on a school bus or charter bus under the charge of a coach. When there are only a few students participating in a contest, it is permissible to use the county station wagons with the coach driving. All exceptions must be cleared with the athletic director and a school administrator in advance.

5. The principal will develop a plan for administrative coverage of home games and key away games.

B. Athletic Eligibility

1. High school interscholastic contests are govened by the Florida High School Activities Association and all Manatee County secondary schools are expected to maintain a membership in this organization and comply with the rules and regulations set forth in the constitution and by-laws. The Manatee County School Board may adopt higher standards.

2. The FHSAA eligibility rules shall be followed in all cases. These rules will be explained to all athletes prior to the season. No athlete will begin practice unless they have obtained a physical by a medical doctor (M.D. or D.O.). This is for the protection of the athletes as well as for the protection of the athletic trainer and Manatee County School Board. .No athlete will begin practice unless they have turned in a completed medical history form signed by a parent or guardian.

3. No athlete will begin practice unless he/she has paid for the minimum insurance policy as offered through the School Board. This will insure that each athlete has at least minimum insurance coverage. Additional School Board coverage is required for football and soccer. No athlete will begin practice unless lie/she has turned in a notarized residency affidavit that gives consent for medical treatment. After the team is selected, prior to the first contest, each first time player must present his birth certificate to the coach to ensure eligibility.

4. If a female athlete becomes pregnant, she is to be placed on the disabled list until a physician determines her level of activity. A written recommendation will be returned to the school and kept in the athlete’s file. The purpose of this policy is to protect the mother as well as the fetus. It is not the intention of this policy to remove the athlete from her team because of pregnancy.

C. Addressing Questions/Concerns

If a student and/or parent has questions or concerns regarding a specific team, please do the following:

1. First, meet with the coach to discuss the questions or concerns.
2. Second, meet with the athletic director if you still have questions or concerns.
3. Third, meet with the principal or designee if you still have questions or concerns.

D. Reporting Injuries

The coach is responsible for reporting all injuries of team members.

The following must be adhered to:

Athlete’s Responsibilities
a. Any school-connected injury shall be reported to the coach and trainer. An Accident Report Form must be filed with the athletic trainer.
b. If an individual has any special medical problem, the athletic director must be informed.
c. Should an injury be discovered after the athlete has returned home, the athlete should go to his/her physician and report to coach and trainer prior to next participation.

School Responsibilities
a. In case of injury, school personnel should:
1. Administer minor first aid.
2. If hospital care is necessary, call ambulance;
3. Notify parents or guardian;
4. If unable to contact parents, notify family doctor;
5. Accompany injured player to hospital if parent is not available;
6. Coaches must follow medical staff recommendation concerning student injuries.

E. Athletic Training Rules

1. No use of tobacco products. For the 1″ offense, a one game suspension will occur. The 2nd offense will result in dismissal from the team.

2. An athlete knowingly possessing, using, transferring, or being under the influence of any narcotic drug, hallucinogenic drug, amphetamine, barbiturate, marijuana, alcoholic beverage, or intoxicant of any kind, or any facsimile regardless of content, on or off campus, will be suspended for 180 day. See section G.3 for specific details.

3. Any action by an athlete that causes embarrassment to the team, athletic department or school will result in a 90 day suspension. See section G.3 for details.

F. Cut From a Squad

1. A student who is not selected for a team is eligible to try out for another sport.
2. Students are selected for teams at the discretion of the head coach.

G. Suspension

1. Any athlete or manager who is suspended from a team is not permitted to go out for another sport while the original sport is still in season. The season is officially over when the team plays its last regularly scheduled game of the year.

2. A student suspended from the team may not use any of the department’s facilities or equipment until his suspension is officially terminated.

3. Students who are suspended for a total of 10 or more days (cumulative or single incident) in a school year will have an administrative review to determine eligibility to participate in any extracurricular activities. The administrative review will encompass the incident/infraction, discipline, academic, and attendance history, and conference with the student and
others involved. Based on the results of the review, the student may be ineligible to participate in any extracurricular activities for a period not to exceed 180 school days from the incident. If, after the review process, the student is determined to be ineligible, he/she may not participate in any event or activity as a representative of BRHS. These events or activities include, but are not limited to: athletics, marching band, concert band, orchestra, choir, drama, JROTC competition teams, or, clubs or organizations sponsored by a BRHS faculty or staff member. If there is an event or activity the student wishes to participate in and is unsure as to whether or not the student may participate, the student may appeal to the principal for clarification. If an event or activity is part of a grade for a class, an alternative assignment will be given to the student.

A student may appeal the 180-day suspension after 60 school days. The appeal must be in writing to the principal. The appeal process will take into consideration the student’s attendance, grades, discipline, teacher comments, any other pertinent information, and a student interview during a parent conference. The suspension from extracurricular activities
will not be less than 90 school days. Should the suspension from extracurricular activities be changed to a period of time less than 180 school days, the student will be on probation until the conclusion of the 180 school day period.

H. Quitting a Squad

If a player quits a team, he/she shall not be permitted to try out for the next season’s sport at the same school until the season ends in the initial sport from which the athlete quits. For example: Quits FB to tryout for BB.

J. Criminal Offenses

1. Criminal Offense: After a hearing with the principal, a student charged with a criminal offense may be suspended from extracurricular or co-curricular activities by the school principal until the charge is adjudicated.

2. Adjudication Withheld: A student who has been suspended from extracurricular activities because of a criminal charge may be reinstated at the principal’s discretion if adjudication is withheld.

3. Felony: A student’s conviction in “adult” court or judgment of “delinquency” in a juvenile court for any act that would have been felonious in “adult” court will mandate loss of eligibility to participate in any student activity for the duration of the years enrolled in a Manatee County public high school from the time of conviction. After one calendar year following conviction, the student may request a review of his/her eligibility by the principal.

4. Misdemeanors: A student’s conviction in “adult” court or judgment of “delinquency” in a juvenile court for the following misdemeanors (assault or battery, possession of concealed weapons, lewdness or indecent exposure, theft, drug possession/sale) will mandate loss of eligibility to participate in any student activity for six months from the time of conviction. After three calendar months following conviction, the student may request a review of his /her eligibility by the principal.

The FHSAA handbook states in 11.11.3 “in matters pertaining to personal conduct in which interscholastic competition is not involved, the member school which the student(s) attend shall be the judge as to whether the student(s) may play on its team.”

K. Requirements for Student Athletic Awards

1. The individual coach of each sport shall be responsible for the granting or withholding of awards. No athlete shall receive an award if they fail to finish the season due to dismissal from or quitting the squad.

2. Each school will develop criteria for awards and letters in each sport.

3. lt is the coach’s responsibility to notify all athletes prior to the season of the criteria set for students to earn an award in that sport. The enclosed rules are minimum standards for Manatee County athletes. Schools may recommend to the superintendent additional policies that do not contradict or lessen the policies as listed above. All athletes shall be notified of these policies prior to the beginning of the season.

Athletic Awards Varsity

The first time a student earns a varsity letter, he/she will receive a letter and clip-on emblem indicating the sport, plus a first-year certificate. Second year varsity awards in a sport will consist of a metal service bar and a second year certificate. Third and fourth year varsity awards in a sport will consist of a metal service bar and a third year varsity circular embroidered patch. The fourth year varsity awards in a sport will consist of a metal service bar and a fourth year plaque. A student earning a varsity letter in more than one sport will receive only the one. However, the student will receive all the appropriate emblems, service bars, certificates, and plaques for the additional sports.

Junior Varsity

Letters will consist of a JV letter and clip-on emblem indicating the sport,plus a participation certificate. Second and third year junior varsity awardsin a sport will consist of
a participation certificate. A student earning a junior varsity letter in more than one sport will receive only the one. However, the student will receive all certificates for the additional sports.


Students who participate in a freshman sport will receive a participation certificate and certificates for additional sports. In the event of a district, regional, sectional, or state championship team, the Athletic Director may authorize patches or jackets sufficient for recognition of the achievement.

Criteria for awards in each sport will be left to the judgment of the coach. The matter of a student’s qualifications with regard to spirit,work ethic and other factors will be considered.

Athletic Booster Club Mission Statement

       The Braden River High School Athletic Boosters’ Club is a charitable, non-profit organization made up of an action-oriented group of parents, volunteers and administrators. Through dedication and teamwork we support the enhancement of the athletic experience of Braden River High athletes, their teams, and their fans through the promotion of athletics, school spirit, successful student-athletes, and community awareness of their athletic & academic achievements. The mission of BRHS is to empower students to be strong, responsible leaders who value personal integrity, academic excellence, and civic involvement.

        The BRHSAB recognizes that the physical education of our athletes plays an important part in their overall education; development and quality of life. Through these Core Values we strive to fulfill this mission.

Core Values

Partner with the BRHS Athletic Department to realize individual and team potential by promoting, encouraging, and recognizing high scholastic achievement, sportsmanship, character, civility and provide a solid foundation for current and future Student Athletes, Pirate Families, and Booster Members by supporting and promoting all BRHS sports teams.


Involve all parents and encourage their commitment to all Braden River High School sports.


Respect and entertain all ideas and suggestions, especially those which may differ from our own.


Accountable Ambassadors representing Braden River High School while continually educating the community on Athletic Booster initiatives.


Teamwork built through respect, dedication, and commitment to contribute to the morale, spirit, and enthusiasm of Braden River High School Athletes and the community.


Exceed visionary and yearly goals on a consistent basis by awarding scholarships to graduating athletes and the underwriting of sports related procurement in furtherance of all Braden River High School Athletic Programs.


Support Braden River High School Faculty, Coaches, fellow Booster Members, and other Braden River High School Programs.


The Boosters Club will conduct itself in a manner which is free from racial discrimination and which provides equal opportunity and treatment for all members and athletes regardless of race, color, religion, sex or national origin. We are one united group with the purpose of supporting this mission statement.